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Three person Chess set

2013-08-07 01:42:39 by MajesticBob

Building one from scratch. Been posting updates in me thread. But the basic idea:

The Idea of the game is a three way chess. The sides being Gold, Silver, Copper. Based of fey's "old courts" from the story of Witchwood (a Larp this piece is commissioned for) It will be a Hexagon board with three Ally spaces each containing five ally factions representing the fifteen "new courts" each having it's own set of 1 of Queen, Bishop, Knight, Rook. This is so if a pawn makes it to the opponent's court's end, instead of taking a captured piece back (though you can if you wish) you may take from the ally "court" this is for people who play by the multiple queen rule in chess. The allies are Earth,Water, Fire, Air, Blood. Light, Dark, Shadow, Dusk, Dawn. Grass, Ice, Magma, Desert, Clay. The Gold court will be represented by gold trees and shrub pawns. Silver will be silver decayed buildings and skull pawns. Copper will be Copper Animals with a Lion king, Tiger Queen, and Bear Bishops (yes, I went there,) with Squirrel pawns. Maple leaf and acorn motifs will be present.

Three person Chess set


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2013-08-08 01:33:22

this gives a stronng 3-d effect, i almost feel like im floating above it.

MajesticBob responds:

Hopefully the actual object gets a similar effect.


2015-04-26 11:04:27