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The Lagand of Zaldar The Lagand of Zaldar

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Items used:38
Star Kills:110
Total Score:1283

Review for a fairly crappy looking game this was surprisingly fun. Looks awful, yet cute. Looks simple but gets super hard. Not a great game but definitely worth being played.

Relic Relic

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

So you know and have fixed most of the problems I have had, so I won't bother bringing it up. Though the game does seem to run slow with a couple of lag spikes and the whole enemies dying before they are hit thing bugs me a bit. This game is amazingly beautiful and well animated. The characters are decently balanced with interesting skills (Fizzle is a beast) The music is pleasing and not as repetitive as other games, though it has it's moments. The ability to mute it is huge. Yay space bar. I do wish there was boss music.
I was saddened by no weapon shop or way to unload unneeded stuff. Especially since you get to broad swords and only one character can use them. Seems unnecessary and redundant. Rooks are almost unimportant and since monster drops give very little it's difficult to load up on potions.
The game was super easy. I breezed the whole way through up to the near end. I didn't use a potion until the near end. It was easy peasy until I got to the third map when the monsters apparently took steroids and I almost got wiped. So I bought a couple of potions and changed my tactics slightly and never had a problem.
The bosses were easy to deal with, just had to freeze the boss (kinda a broken ability) Kill the minions then deal with the bossicle. I was level 6 when I beat it. The game was disappointingly short. I did like the monster variety. The loot caves as option areas was neat as well. The into and ending would have been awesome with full color drawings. But still a fun game, I enjoyed it. Good Job.

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Carrot Hunt Carrot Hunt

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

So, the infamous level 2 wasn't that bad. In fact I had a much harder time with level 1. Instructions would be Nice. I punked out at level six Is there a was to stop the waves? or is it a timing thing? incredibly hard. The art is beautiful. But the game is way hard. That's not really a bad thing but the levels should ramp up from easy to OH MY GOD! WHY AM I STILL PLAYING!? But the difficulty seems to jump around. It seems like it would be a great kids game, but if that was the intention then it is way to hard. The music is adorable.


Rated 2 / 5 stars

I want to enjoy this.

Unless I'm a total R-tard, the gladiator just sits there. I click the opponent, select the skill, confirm the skill.... then nothing and it says "New round" with borh sprites doing the man dance and nothing else. I'll give a 4 for effort as it is impressive looking, but how can I judge with such a bad glitch? Great attempt but poor execution. I followed the tutorial and had no problems, but when I tried to do an actual battle, problems arose.

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