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Not a huge fan of that art style. But it is pretty well done. the colors are nice. Winning. Loser.

MiddleFingerRings responds:



Ha! First review and totally unbiased.

This is the greatest thing. Ever. Totally unbiased.

Kinsei responds:

I know right :P
5's for everyone!

I swear I reviewed this.

I even thought you answered it. Ah well you know what I'm gonna say. Multiple views.

Your really getting the hang of this.

Much better than the first one. Again not really anything I can say that I haven't already. Multiple views. You bastard.

Kinsei responds:

Yeah I think another thing that people had issue with on the first one was the runes. On that one, which was my second, I did raised runes instead of inset runes. After that I finally settled on a style and consistent shapes.

Running out of Sculpey forced me to get creative and be more conservative with my clay. I think it was for the better.

Much better.

I can see you really amped up the subtle details while avoiding the dreaded clunky paint. Multiple views.

Kinsei responds:

I think one of the things that was tripping me up with the paint was my lack of spray primer. I haven't had any in years, and never originally intended this project to be so in depth. So these last few I decided to splurge. Before hand I was making do with some brush on paint to act as primer.

Return of the clunky paint.

Not as bad as the second stone, But still kinda clunky. Also on the top of the stone I see a smiley face. Again I feel like a broken record on these reviews. Multiple views.

Kinsei responds:

Oh hey... it is smiling... cool... I didn't even notice.
I'm looking at the stone now... Yep, I'm renaming this one my happy stone :3

Group photo.

You can definitely see the improvement from piece to piece. Not much more can be said that I haven't already said. Also MULTIPLE VIEWS!

Kinsei responds:

Yeah the color came out very dark on this one too... So Again I will reshoot and shoot more >:3

Wow better and better with each one....

Exept number two. I don't like number two. Honestly I'm not sure what I can say that I haven't already said on the other three. You are improving and amazingly soon for 1 hour jobbies. It takes me a lot longer when I do mine, and your starting to surpass my quality. I also notice you getting braver and bold with your carvings. Keep it up. As stated each time before, the presentation is solid yet lacking those peky multiple views. Yeah, I'm that petty.

Kinsei responds:

haha, that is one of the reasons I wanted you to review these. I had been kind of hard on alot of your stuff, so I thought you deserved a shot back ~_^

Much better.

It seems the problems I had with the first two have found a happy and awesome medium. The colors and detail have vastly improved since the first two. Again good presentation, but whrere are those Multiple views?

Kinsei responds:

Yay I noticed this one made it in to your faves :D

Clunky paint.

I liked the first one better. Seems you tried to go overboard on the details on this one which looks like the exact opposite of the first one. The problem is one I have encountered many times. The paint has pooled fiving an unflatering clunky texture. The shape and carved look is awsome though. Again the pic presentation is solid yet again where are the multi views you bastard? Keep up the good work.

Kinsei responds:

I liked the shape with this one too, but I also felt that the paint was a bit too much.

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