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A little plain.

Looks like you painted the crack after the stone. Looks a little sloppy, I would have painted the crack first the paint the stone. But for an hours work it's very good. You harp on me about lack of detail and drybrushing, and multiple views. Well guess who's calling the kettle black? :P The presentation minus multiple views is still pretty solid. I'm sure this short compared to your reviews but I'm not quite the savant that you are.

Kinsei responds:

Yeah this was the first one for me to sculpt. I have obviously gotten better handle on both both the painting and sculpting.
As for the multiple views... yeah I should have see that coming. :3
Since a lot of the pictures on a lot of these came out pretty crappy, I'm going to try and borrow a good camera from a friends to get some better pictures and more angles. After that I might update or repost.


I like this. It does look a little... I dunno flat? I think it might be an overuse fo black. Also it could use a background. A background in my opinion would really improve the pic. The head also looks kinda merged with the torso. Otherwise I like it. Well done.

TwistedXP responds:

Yeah i see what your saying. I never realized how little his head stands out. This guy is just a quick 15 minute concept though, so theres going to be some imperfections.

but now i kinda wanna redraw him more detailed and less sketchy to fix the depth problems lol

I like this.

This is a very interesting drawing. I have only three things that I don't like: Line weight, all the lines are the same thickness and makes the picture look rather flat. Shading: I would love to see more shading. I noticed there is some shading but there could definitely use more. The third thing, Very busy: The dragon, I assume is the star of the pic, but is overwhelmed by the rest of the foreground and background.
However, I find the detail on this amazing! Seriously. The fact it's all in pencil, is impressive. This is better than most color pics I've seen floating around. Keep up the good work.

Fooliolo responds:

I'll be honest, I wasn't sure how to do the shading on the ice. Otherwise, the rest of what you say is valid when going for the eyecandy appeal.


Two lines are supposed to be chop sticks from a crappy movie? Come man, you can do better than this.

Not the tricforce,

Just badly drawn basic shapes. It doesn't seem like your putting any effort into these. What did this take you? a Min? Try taking your time, take at least 15 mins, come up with an idea and sketch it out. You should really tyr harder.

Sorry to say,

This is just awful. You need to go back to the basics friend. This is basically a doodle. No real depth or detail.


Worst. Picture. Ever. At least try to make something if your going to submit, Not just really bad sonic spam.


Tacos... Nice. Simple and good shading. If only it was real...


It's pretty good. Something bugs me about it though, I can not quite put my finger on it. Level 4 you say? 3.0 Ranger? Also you did not have to sack your spell casting, there are feats for what you did. Wait... I'm supposed to critique your art not your char from D&D... I... I'm so confused.

Kinsei responds:

yeah a 3.0 Ranger gets it's animal companion and spells at level 4. And although I know of the spells your talking about to make the companion more stronger, they wouldn't have been quite as good as what I got in turn.
With permission of the DM, I got me a Celestial Hawk. I named him Streak the Hawk; Rider of the Calm winds. He has quite a few abilities that normal companions don't have. He can cast Smite Evil once a day. Has shit tons of bonuses to spot and hide. has resistance 5 from all the different elemental damages.
I get full communication with the hawk instead of it simply having tricks and basic commands. Then to top it off, the Streak likes to drink alcoholic beverages. He even got in to a drinking contest last game.... um.... he passed out on the first round....
Anyway, I know that it seems that I'm trading off a lot, but I am honestly getting a lot in return. Even with out the spells to help aid me and the party, I think the comedic value and challenge to myself is well worth the trade.

Looks good.

But as great as it is that is not how you hold a sai. It's meant to be a sword catcher/breaker. Jonny would lose his fingers that way.

Kinsei responds:

I based this off a TMNT pic, and since Raf has his sai like that, I decided to follow suit

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