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This was sweet. It had the rivalry and humor we have come to expect, but it was amazingly humanizing moment for the characters. Who knew plot could come from a trailer update for porn? This was amazing. Awesome way to set the bar.

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I have seen better sprite animations, however I like this. Clever moves made sense, fairly well written. Good music and I like the flow. Keep it up and you'll one day have something special.

jqzjqz responds:

Thanks! One day, I will.

Hurray! Holiday Flash of the year!

Totally unbiased. Was a blast to work on. Good job everyone!

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Review for a fairly crappy looking game this was surprisingly fun. Looks awful, yet cute. Looks simple but gets super hard. Not a great game but definitely worth being played.

So you know and have fixed most of the problems I have had, so I won't bother bringing it up. Though the game does seem to run slow with a couple of lag spikes and the whole enemies dying before they are hit thing bugs me a bit. This game is amazingly beautiful and well animated. The characters are decently balanced with interesting skills (Fizzle is a beast) The music is pleasing and not as repetitive as other games, though it has it's moments. The ability to mute it is huge. Yay space bar. I do wish there was boss music.
I was saddened by no weapon shop or way to unload unneeded stuff. Especially since you get to broad swords and only one character can use them. Seems unnecessary and redundant. Rooks are almost unimportant and since monster drops give very little it's difficult to load up on potions.
The game was super easy. I breezed the whole way through up to the near end. I didn't use a potion until the near end. It was easy peasy until I got to the third map when the monsters apparently took steroids and I almost got wiped. So I bought a couple of potions and changed my tactics slightly and never had a problem.
The bosses were easy to deal with, just had to freeze the boss (kinda a broken ability) Kill the minions then deal with the bossicle. I was level 6 when I beat it. The game was disappointingly short. I did like the monster variety. The loot caves as option areas was neat as well. The into and ending would have been awesome with full color drawings. But still a fun game, I enjoyed it. Good Job.

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So, the infamous level 2 wasn't that bad. In fact I had a much harder time with level 1. Instructions would be Nice. I punked out at level six Is there a was to stop the waves? or is it a timing thing? incredibly hard. The art is beautiful. But the game is way hard. That's not really a bad thing but the levels should ramp up from easy to OH MY GOD! WHY AM I STILL PLAYING!? But the difficulty seems to jump around. It seems like it would be a great kids game, but if that was the intention then it is way to hard. The music is adorable.

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If it took him 10 hours, it took him 10 hours. Really I don't see the problem. He stepped outside his comfort zone and worked hard on something. Sure, he's a glutton for punishment and brings this on himself. However that is not a critique nor a review.

That being said, I like the color choices. It's very pleasing. I don't care too much for the preset brush grass, but hey it could be worse. I do think more thought could have gone into the background but then again who am I to judge? I hate doing BGs. I really appreciate the small touches, like the trainer walking away in the background. Or the Ferrow? Hu-Oh? soaring through the clouds. This is a very strong piece for you. Proof you have talent. I just wish you weren't so stubborn. But your improving, slowly, but going. To me this seems like you were actually having fun drawing this, not obsessing over style. It's nice to see this side of your works. Keep it up.

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KiwiSundae responds:

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! PRAISE!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will DEFINITELY do more like this!

Ok, this is probably your strongest piece. Not to mention it's hilarious. I do wish you would put some real backgrounds on your pieces. I don't really have to much to say on this one. Good job. Keep going.

Better than your Blaze. But again the anatomy is totally out of whack. The knees. It's the banne of this pic, everything else was fairly decent till the knees. Looks like she is standing on wet spaghetti noodles. She is way to skinny. the pose is more awkward than it needs to be. Still it looks like you take risks on your pieces. That's good. Keep going. Keep practicing. I would like to see more from you.

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