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If it took him 10 hours, it took him 10 hours. Really I don't see the problem. He stepped outside his comfort zone and worked hard on something. Sure, he's a glutton for punishment and brings this on himself. However that is not a critique nor a review.

That being said, I like the color choices. It's very pleasing. I don't care too much for the preset brush grass, but hey it could be worse. I do think more thought could have gone into the background but then again who am I to judge? I hate doing BGs. I really appreciate the small touches, like the trainer walking away in the background. Or the Ferrow? Hu-Oh? soaring through the clouds. This is a very strong piece for you. Proof you have talent. I just wish you weren't so stubborn. But your improving, slowly, but going. To me this seems like you were actually having fun drawing this, not obsessing over style. It's nice to see this side of your works. Keep it up.

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KiwiSundae responds:

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!! PRAISE!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will DEFINITELY do more like this!

Ok, this is probably your strongest piece. Not to mention it's hilarious. I do wish you would put some real backgrounds on your pieces. I don't really have to much to say on this one. Good job. Keep going.

Better than your Blaze. But again the anatomy is totally out of whack. The knees. It's the banne of this pic, everything else was fairly decent till the knees. Looks like she is standing on wet spaghetti noodles. She is way to skinny. the pose is more awkward than it needs to be. Still it looks like you take risks on your pieces. That's good. Keep going. Keep practicing. I would like to see more from you.

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I get what you were going for, and kudos for the attempt at a dynamic pose. But you need a lot of work. The head looks too small, well at thought that at first, then I realized it's fine for the torso but it does not match the size of the rest of the body. The line going up her leg and butt makes look like she has two butts. It also looks like she is pooping out her tail, which should be coming from the base of her spine near her butt crack, not under it. the anatomy is pretty bad. Especially the hands and arms. her left leg is missing, I know it's supposed to be hidden, but it doesn't convey that. Looks very unnatural. The pose and perspective need some major tweaking. The background is fairly lack luster and mildly distracting. I noticed a mistake a blank space between the tail and the body. A good attempt. Truly it is, but it needs work. Keep practicing!

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It's not so great. It has potential. But it needs so much work. The "Trainers" are stiff posed with no regard to actual anatomy. The Pokemon are glorified stick figures. The battle effects are a little weak, but a good attempt at least. Your two biggest problems: Way to much white space and the action, the whole focus of the the thing is so very very tiny. The attempt for shading and color palet work well. I like the pokemon swimming in the water for random whatevers. In short it needs a ton of work. But keep at it.

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googletoper responds:

No. I disagree. I personally love the view i have on here. It shows how far away the trainers usually are when in battle. I focused on the trainers because I'm a human and i can feel for a human! XD i can't feel as if I'm a pokemon. And anyway, it's not about the pokemon, because in every game, there's new pokemon and rules that mess up any preplanned strategy!!! That's what i hate about pokemon. THIS IS MY POKÉMON!!!
i could have put a sky back ground, but after OVER 4 HOURS in photoshop, i think this is pretty darn good for just a random thing!!!

I really like this. Very stylized, but very stylish. Nice use of cool and warm colors. It melds very well. I really like the lighting makes it creepy and cute? Is that possible? The hand holding the spray can looks like it's missing a finger and it just looks a little unnatural. The other hand looks unfinished? Can't really put my finger on it. The pose is neat but the arms really far back, Like dislocated shoulders in order to mimic far back. The arms are super long. However, I may be nit picking and I apologize if I am. Those are very minor, and it is a very stylized piece and i think it is quite awesome. The Trees and building are minimalist and that's a good thing the add just enough creepy goodness without taking away focus of the piece. The will-o-the-wisps (or whatever they are) are a nice touch.

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Trying a more dynamic pose, not quite there but you'll get there some day. For once I actually see personality in this character. Whatever you did, do it again. Finally some emotion. The anatomy is grossly misconstrued. Small torso, Big head, Long arms. The size of the legs feet and hands are good. Well the hands could use a little improvement but not bad. On the feet though Why always the high heels? It really hurts the piece this time. The right foot looks like a stumpy extension of the leg because of the extreme heels. The background. I am so dissapointed. I had such high hopes for it. It would have been great if you had not Filtered the bajeezus out of it. It's an older piece and I notice something odd. As you improve areas that get crits you start slack in other areas. I know you hate realism but really try drawing something from a photo ref, I think it would help you keep on track with your anime in the long run. Keep trying.

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For once I don't really have huge concerns with anatomy. I mean it's still a little off, But keeping in mind you anime prefrence and the fact you wanted the head big (which to me really doesn't detract from the piece, in my opinion) The hands and feet, which are your weakest areas, are really well done on this one. You tried a pose, and poses are difficult, It's good but stiff. It just doesn't seem right. Again the face is bland. You draw well enough, but you have a really hard time giving your characters depth. Don't get me wrong it's a hard thing to do, but your character always seem... generic? The lighting seems a little off especially since parts of her are mini light sources. Hard to tell where you were going with that. The coloring is in fact a good job. This one's costume is the most fleshed out. The color scheme is pleasing. Black backgrounds are boring and distracting. Though this piece is admittedly better than most of your others, the bold explanation of "I TOLD YOU I WOULD IMPROVE!" has a negative vibe to the piece and makes your critics want to scrutinize all the more. Don't get cocky. Don't say things Like "I am working on those things and have done them." sort of responses because you have reverted to some of the same mistakes in your more recent pieces. What I mean by that: I know your trying, that's implied with each piece, whit each practice, with each drawing. If something gets criticized over and over, whether you are in fact working on it , you haven't "fixed" it yet. I've said this a bunch of times, you have potential. I really hope you understand I want to see you get better, even if it's overdone anime. Practice makes perfect. your on the right track, but don't let get to your head.

Anatomy. Not going to beat a dead horse on this. Though this one is probably your best "Anime" girls I've seen so far. Love the colors, hate the coloring. Looks smudgy. The lighting is a little meh here but again better than most of your others. This is your strongest anime girl. That is not good thing. You have a long way to go and this shows you have the drive, but you need more than that. The facial expression is the most emotion I've seen you put in your pieces but it is still fairly bland and boring.

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Your Earth is Fantastic. How? How can you have such an amazing grasp on color and lighting when it comes to this, yet you continue to roll out the sub-par anime girls with sub-par color and lighting? It boggles the mind. I love your space background. Now for the bad: Space is not that well lit. Also way over use of Lens Flare, which you should avoid. It's a crutch (I'm guilty of using it too, everyone at one point has fallen for it's easy use.) You really should try and avoid using it. Nantes is right Filters are a crutch and the clouds could use some "oomph" but I am willing to forgive that due to you marrying the filters well. (Many will disagree with me on that one) So take heed of Nante's words, they ring true. Just keep practicing.

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DragonPunch responds:

Thank you. I will practice in all areas of my art, not just space. Thanks for that little bit of inspiration.

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